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Inside Hitler's Bunker

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In early 1945, Adolf Hitler retreated to an underground bunker and never saw the light of day again. In this sunken lair, he ate, slept, held military briefings and even married Eva Braun. And, yes, he also killed himself there. From 1961 to 1989, the site was screened from Western eyes by the Berlin Wall. In the 70s, the GDR, concerned about would-be fugitives tunneling under the Wall, performed a classified underground survey of the area that almost surely involved inspecting and perhaps further sealing off Hitler's bunker. Even after the Wall came down, reunited Berlin had little appetite for recognizing the site. In 1990, workers clearing the former Hitler Chancellery area stumbled upon a previously unknown part of the bunker complex. It turned out to be the 1,500-square-foot underground facility manned by the Chancellery's elite SS drivers. Yet shortly after this portion's accidental discovery - despite protests from the chief municipal archaeologist - it was sealed up by the city. Still buried beneath German soil today, the bunker lingers as a ghostly reminder of the country's violent past and a tantalizing archaeological window into a world few have ever seen. Watch as the Unsolved History team resurrects the past - digitally reconstructing the entire bunker as it existed more than 50 years ago using authentic period photographs, samples of paint, state-of-the-art mapping techniques and the original plans. Then, venture back in time to the end of the last Great War as the final hours of Hitler's subterranean life are pieced together and reenacted. Directed by Gavin Hodge Produced by Termite Arts Productions For Discovery Channel

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